OET Writing Case Notes

Learning how to write complete, meaningful sentences from case notes

In your writing sub-test, you will be given case notes. And of course, these notes are for your reference only. You need to understand and get some ideas out of the notes. But, you can’t use exactly the same sentences or phrases as you find in the notes given to you in your OET Writing Sub-test.

Therefore, it is very important to use case notes in the right way. You need to learn how you can use them so that you do not end up copying everything as it is.

You will be writing a formal letter. You need to describe the matter in plain but effective English.

Case notes will be in the note-form. And you need to transform these notes into meaningful sentences.

Adding the left out words

The biggest challenge is to introduce the left out words. You will get only unstructured information. Incomplete sentences. To join small units of words together, you can focus on adding prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, articles, auxiliary verbs, etc.

Pronouns: she, it, he, they, etc.
Auxiliary verbs: do, does, have, has, etc.
Prepositions: for, by, in, on, over, between, etc.
Articles: a, an, the
Conjunctions: but, so, however, and, etc.

These are small words but they are powerful as without them the sentences will not be completed.

How will you learn to transform case notes into accurate, complete and meaningful sentences?

The best way is to practice changing case notes into sentences. Check out some case notes. You can use your workplace as a resource for such notes. Or you can search online to get some sample case notes.

Taking OET sample tests will be more effective.

When you take two-three sample tests, you will get a clear idea of the difficulty level of the test.

You will also learn to understand how case notes can be changed. Of course, if your grammar is good it will be a piece of cake for you but if you lack good writing skills, you will have to get your write-up checked up by experts.

When you register for the OET practice online at OETPractice.net, you will have the opportunity to prepare for the OET at your own pace. You will also get the tutor support you need. Your write-ups will be checked by experts and rated to help you improve more and more.

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