Overcoming Reading Challenges Effectively in OET Reading

OET reading is going to be tough for candidates who do not have proficiency in reading. If you are looking forward to getting a good score in your OET reading then it is important that you should have good reading skills. You need to read and comprehend perfectly well what the passages convey. You will have to focus even on implied meaning as well to spot the correct answers. 

Reading at speed

It is true that reading at speed is a bit tricky skill. You, as a non-native English reader, should focus on improving your reading speed. There will different tasks in the reading test. You will read different types of texts. You will have to read and answer within a limited time period.

For instance, Part A of the test is all about expeditious reading. You will have only 15 minutes to read and answer the given questions. You will have to focus more on picking the right information. This part of the test assesses your skills to locate the answers from given pieces of text. You need to be very quick on the draw to grab the answers from the texts (Remember, there will be 20 questions for you to answer which consist of matching, sentence completion, and short answer questions).

You can begin with a skim  

Most of the candidates have a doubt. They want to know: “Where should they start?”  Whether they should focus first on the text or the questions? It is recommended by the experts that you should begin with the text. Yes, you do not have to read everything. You will have to skim artfully. When you skim the given text and come back to the question, then you can think of a suitable way to answer the question. You can read the given headings, read a few sentences given in the paragraph to grab the overall meaning or information stored in the paragraph.   
You do not have to go back to what you have read 

Most of the candidates waste a lot of their test time reading the texts again and again. It is important that you should not do such a thing. You can read once and use the information to guide you forward as well.  You will have to write what you read or find in the texts. 

Especially in part A of the test, you are expected to write words or phrases as answers only from the given texts. You can’t alter the word or the phrase or rewrite it in your own words or word-group. If you do this, your answer will be marked as wrong. Therefore, if you want your answers to be marked correct then use the same words and phrases from the given texts only.  

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