Tips To Take OET Sample Test

It is always good to take a sample test before taking the real OET. 

But, taking a sample test is a serious task. You can get maximum benefit if you take a few necessary steps.  

Let us first focus on why it is important to take a sample test.

Before you take a sample test in OET, you need to ask yourself why you would like to take the test. How is it going to be beneficial for you?  What exactly is the goal? Do you just want to get familiar with the test or do you want to practice OET?
Certainly, if you are new to the Occupational English Test, taking an official sample test will be very much helpful. You can get a complete sense of questions. You will come to know whether English used in the test matches your standard of English or not. 

But, if you are already aware of the OET, then taking a sample test can help you progress towards the required level needed to crack this test.  You can assess your skills. And take the necessary actions. 
Look at the OET structure 

The first step shall be knowing more about the OET exam structure. Carefully read through the instructions. You will find a brief explanation in each section. Pay attention to the time given for each section. Learn more about how you need to mark your answers on the question booklet, etc.

It is practice time, so do not focus on time 

If you are taking an OET sample for the first time, then it is recommended that you should not focus on time. Because, if you focus on time it will become difficult for you to understand the test completely. 

But, of course, if you are already familiar with the test and have taken sample tests a couple of times, then it is important that you should focus on time. Follow the rules. Try to complete it well within the given time. Because, this will make you perfect at managing time. 

Stay focused 

Do not lose attention. It is true that you are on your own. But, you will have to stay focused. Most of the candidates do not perform well in OET because they do not manage to give 100% attention to the test.   


All the sample tests will have the key. So, you can compare your answer with the key. You can check your reading and listening answers. The key for the writing and the speaking sub-test may differ. As different candidates may respond in different ways. It is always better to get your answer (for writing sub-test) checked by experts. 

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